Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'll come back soon.

It's late now but I miss you, so I'm in front of my computer and surfing the Internet again. Nice to read Jeff's story about his English name. It's somewhat like mine. I think many people have the similar experience.To solar, which part of Tibet are you from? On my way to Tibet I met a girl who leaves Tibet and comes out to Sichuan to study. I admire her a lot.Tibetants are all good at singing and dancing. On the opening ceremony of the horse race, we watched Tibetant dancing. They are full of Tibetant traditional custom. IT attracted countless visitors from all parts of China, even from the world. It was amazing! But because of the rain, we didn't go out again to enjoy the excitment of the race! What a pity! By the way, where are you work or study now? What is the difference between the inner land and Tibet, can you tell us? I'm a music fan, too. But hard work stops me from singing!Good night and I'll come back soon.

i`m ptetty

i`m ptetty happy while i see lots of friends come back.these days i felt very tired.everyday i must search for lots of materials about my experiment.if i continue to do it,it will drive me feeling is so terrible that i can`t wait to take one day off and have a joyfulbird,i`m ashamed when i saw your praise.i can`t also guarantee that i can come here everyday.but i`m sure i will come here firstly when i`m anine,i`m so sorry for my qq.when i open my computer,i always log on my qq firstly.but i will close it 10 minutes later when i found nobody was on-line.and from now on ,i will not close my qq until i close my computer.i hope i can ran into you some victoria,i konw your english name is really for my english name,in fact,there is not a intresting you just mentioned,when i was a freshman at university,our english teacher who was from london thought it was very difficult to read and remember a chinese he asked us to find a english name.and next class we must give our names to him.but that time i wasn`t concerned about i didn`t have one when we met again.i was pretty nervous while i saw everyone handed in their names.i glanced the name of my deskmate on the sneak ."jeffery",she wrote it on a paper.when i saw it,i got a sudden idea.i wrote the name,"jeff",on a paper quickly and handed in.when i begun to use the name,i didn`t want to change it.because i think it`s brief and easy to remember.that`s the origin of my english name.i must stop now.enjoying your lunch.i`m looking forward to your reply.

The entrapment

She wants to break free from what bounds her
Stepping into the purpose before her
Dictation’s chains grip tightly to her limbs
Her weakened voice cries out to me
She begs for me to grant her freedom
My heart sinks because I know I am forcing her to live a lie
The truth is not within her
But I cannot blame anyone but me
I’ve allowed another to lock her away
They sent her one roads of confusion
Robbing her of so many capabilities
“You hold the key to release me! ” she pleas
Will I unlock the chamber that holds my destiny?
Will I finally gain complete control of my life?

By Shannon Hogan
Written 2/24/10
Inspiration: Sometimes we allow others to steal what is divinely ours. Whether its materialistic, emotional, spiritual, etc. I have personal allowed outside teaching, rules, regulations, take away from who I am. So I have reached a breaking point where I must stand up for MY life. In order to save the true voice within me from drowning in misery.

To Make a Home Sweet

Goethe said, "He is the happiest, being king or peasant, who finds peace in his home" It is true. Home is the warmest place in the world. Home is the harbor.No matter where you are, you would like to be back home in the end.
Home is the place which we often need to build. In order to create a kind of warm and intimate atmosphere, we must respect and understand each other. As a member of the family, it is not right to demand perfection from each other. The proper way is to cultivate flexibility, patience, and sense of humor. Parents can be more open.minded and trust their children, and the children should understand
their parents' pains. If we have spare time after supper, we may often communicate with each other and talk about what happened in the daytime. This type of conversation, called "small talk", is of great importance because it often helps deepen the feelings between parents and children.
If we do so, I believe our home will always be sweet.


1, and multilingual site web operation and management;
Currently Brothersoft have English / French / German / Russian / Spanish / Japanese multilingual sites;
2, Cooperation between sites, and other software developers to establish a good business relationship, working with many well-known both China and abroad companies to co-operate, enhance the product brand and increase the PV, currently we have cooperate with Nero,, photoscape etc.
As well as keep good relationship with clients, collect feedbacks and solve clients’ problems
3, User system operation management, improve the user experience and customer satisfaction; Raising the active rate of the user registration;
4, Grasp the direction of web channels, and planning the online activities, in addition assist in marketing, sales and other departments' related activities;
5, New staff recruitment and training of recruits management;