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fluent in Japanese language and culture

I am warm, cheerful personality, hard work, hard working, conscientious, have patience. Good at communicating with people. Have strong organizational skills, event planning skills and self-discipline,. Students who served in the post of Deputy Minister of Arts, the school has received the "Outstanding Student Class Leader" title; has won two consecutive school, "third-class scholarship," Wedding Venuesa "second-class scholarship." By CET6, computer 2, qualification and statistics qualification certificates. 2010 joined the Chinese Communist Party, became a party member. Questionnaires have been engaged in social activities and Huzhou, China Unicom branch ---- Finance practice.I am cheerful, energetic, with a hard-working and team spirit, sincere, studious, passion and affinity for working in the university life of four years of study, I develop a good self-learning ability, and actively participate in various activities and exercises from their own, with a strong ability to adapt and strong organizational skills, their job seriously, proactive, optimistic personality persistent , dare to face the difficulties and challenges. Served in the school community in the post, organizational activities. Into the community to work, my experience has been enriched. This career guide I learned how to deal with uexpected problems, better at communication, increase knowledge in all aspects of a lot. More than a year in a teacher, my responsibility was to develop a deeper, more work and attention to detail. Because I know, the details determine success or failure.8 years of management experience in large-scale foreign-funded quality, 1 year of business experience. I get to make a solid knowledge and good work skills, forming a positive work attitude and good work habits.
Belief in life: Nothing is difficult, as long as willing to climb, life is finite, infinite struggle.
Years of hard study, for the factory management has some theoretical and practical experienceYears of product development, style, location, style design,How to Choose Wedding Flowers graphic design, process design, sample letters to guide the quality control of work experience, while familiar with the import and export documents garment business. Can well coordinate customer, foreign trade agency, freight forwarding and production plant. may travel frequently.I studied in Japan six years, fluent in Japanese language and culture, working in Tianjin after returning to the inter Hikaru Information found Hikaru Corporation, as a procurement trade.
• 3 years working experience in China and Japan so I am between the two countries have a deep understanding of corporate culture, good communication, good at business negotiations with the supplier, there is a certain supplier relationships.
• Beijing is now looking at opportunities for further development.

ensuring quality of the completion of the new work

Ability to work & attitude - serious work, effort, willing to accept new things. Timely and accurate completion of the tedious daily work; the challenge, ensuring quality of the completion of the new work; know how to establish good relations with colleagues and the importance of mutual cooperation.
Life: good at rational analysis to make judgments, and to fight for their goals and enjoy the process and results. Like yoga, badminton, volleyball and other sports activities, to understand the importance of teamwork.2 years of call center sales experience, so I learned to calmly deal with different customers and provide friendly service. 2 years of foreign customer service director and assistant to the president's work experience, let me get in the comprehensive ability greatly improved. I not only know a lot of foreign knowledge, able to communicate with overseas customers, receive orders, process orders, and can actively and effectively deal with other related matters, such as purchasing raw materials abroad, customs, transportation, and so on. In addition, I am self-discipline and strive for excellence, doing their own work, take time to learn new knowledge. Need for companies to participate, I am a self-learning AI, Coreldraw, Photoshop design exhibition posters, color pages. I am CET six, familiar with a variety of office software. I will need to work, constantly improve their ability to contribute to the company the largest capacity1.10 years of work experience: 500 years the office of Chief Assistant multinational executives and experiencedNew Ideas On Wedding Favors , can work independently; four-year college English instructor and the Sino-US cooperation project contractor experience, good cross-cultural communication.(2) continuous learning ability. Serving four years studying for a master's degree, can quickly take over.3 Shanghai University Teacher Certification. A sense of responsibility, service awareness and affinity, competent team.4 National Human Resource Management Division (Grade 2). Understanding of foreign human resources projects, especially high-level training and development.
5 proficient use of Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Lotus Notes and SAP. Proficiency in English, French general.
6 attention to detail, able to work under pressure.12 years of project management and LDS / plating / electroplating and surface treatment industry practical experience, a wealth of experience in production and technology management
 well-known foreign companies have 7 years work experience in industry, 5 years experience in production and technology management; 10 years of PCB / FPC and practical experience in the semiconductor industry, electroplating copper, gold plating, copper plating, chemical acid etching, chemical alkaline etching, surface oxidation treatment process, such process has a wealth of practical experience. Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas have good communication skills; able to monitor the relevant suppliers with good cooperation; able to adapt to the exciting work intensity; able to lead the team to solve complex technical problems; quick thinking , the pursuit of rigorous and comprehensive.Professional skills and expertise
1,10 years project management and LDS / chemical plating and surface treatment industry production and technology management http://neurotalk.psychcentral.comexperience, PCB / FPC and surface treatment industry market have a deep knowledge and understanding; 2, timely grasp of the industry's most cutting-edge theoretical knowledge; 3 with modern business management theory of knowledge, a wealth of practical experience; 4, skilled office software operations;

Thursday, July 15, 2010

With kind and mature character

I have more than eight years automobile industry background, focus on sales and marketing tn With kind and mature character, with strong communication skill and team work spirit. Be responsible for my work and nfl football jerseysstrong wishes to win good performance, get on well with high pressure.ed hardy shirts *Communication –Have living experiences in various locations such as UK, India, Singapore, and China, capable to communicate with people in different background.
*Technical skill - equipped with theoretical knowledge, and also developed technique experience in various massive global scale projects and international agent management capability.
*Academic result – Achieve second upper honor engineer degree in UK, and master degree in Singapore’ NTU in IT area.ed hardy clothes
Career Objective:
Objective: cheap nfl jerseysMaster degree holder with total two and half years working
experience is looking for a professional jobSecret eyesSee through

Watch out

DENS system management

M.S. in Control Theory and Control Engineering
7 years working experience on Semiconductor manufacturing corporation
Proficient in design and development of equipment automation integration
Wealth of management abilitiesed hardy trousers
Good communication skills, initiative and teamwork Advantages
• 4 years document control experience in ConocoPhillips’s onshore/offshore petrol-oil drilling system project(DCWR) within a diverse cultural environment
• 2 years working experience in plastic molding machine and CNC operation and maintenance work experience in Canadaed hardy underwear
• 5 years procuremen, 3 years quality control work experience
• With Mechanical engineering degree and diploma in China and Canada
• Familiar with AutoCAD, Solidworks, and MasterCAM
• 3 years working and study exp
Career Objective:
Career Objectives
Seek for a document management/ed hardyproject executive in Power / Oil & Gas, shipbuilding or petrochemical industry where my document control, data management, mechanical engineering designed hardy hoodies, maintenance, lacoste polo shirtsproject management, DENS system management, material procurement knowledge and other work experience will be utilized. Smooth your body

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


measures such as an incubator.Also, it a process of self-discoverycodifies a state rule that the required second opinion on whether late-term abortions are necessary come from doctors in Kansas.Attempts to restrict abortion aonly the worldcross the country aren't unusual — in Oklahoma, for example, new laws on abortions have been approved this year including a ban on abortions based on the gender of the child and tighter restrictions on the use of the RU-486 abortion pill.South Dakota voters in 2006 and 2008 turned down proposals to ban abortion outright. Impossible made possible
Nebraska's law barring abortions after 20 weeks is sure to be challenged in court. Carhart has suggested he might do so. In January, he told The Associated Press, "they can pass any law they want to ... and sped millions of dollars to go to court and lose."the future is always color
A spokesman for Carhart said this week that he has no plans to leave Nebraska, but is exploring his options and isn't ruling out a move to Kansas. feelthenewspace
The switch from viability to fetal pain in justifying abortion limits raises fresh legal issues.bortion opponents say a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a federal ban on certain late-term abortions opens the door for such legislation because it suggests states have an interest in protecting fetuses. They also say new studies and testimony from doctors prove fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks.
The argument used to justify the 20-week ban is based on the testimony of some doctors, some of it given during a 2005 congressional hearing. They contend there is substantial evidence that by 20 weeks, fetuses seek to evade stimuli in a way that indicates they are experiencing pain.
"The Nebraska Legislature has taken a bold step which should ratchet up the abortion debate across the nation," Nebraska Right to Life director Julie Schmit-Albin said. "What we didn't know in 1973 in Roe versus Wade ... we know now." The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, says it knows of no legitimate evidence that fetuses experience pain at that stage.
"There is certainly no solid scientific evidence establishing that a fetus can perceive pain at these earlier stages, so any court decisions to uphold such broader laws could only do so by disregarding the importance of good scientific evidence," said Caitlin Borgmann, a law professor at The City University of New York. The U.S. Supreme Court would have to overturn earlier abortion-related rulings to uphold the Nebraska law, Borgmann said, including a 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey that upheld the right of women to have abortions before fetuses were viable.

Neb. governor signs landmark abortion bills

LINCOLN, Neb. – Two landmark touches your heartmeasures putting new restrictions on abortion became law in Nebraska on Tuesday, including one that critics say breaks with court precedent by changing the legal rationale forMake youself a better person a ban on later-term abortions.Republican Gov. Dave Heineman signed both bills, one barring abortions at and after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the other requiring women to be screened before having abortions for mental health and other problems. Both sides of the abortion debate say the laws are firsts of their kind in the U.S. true friends
A national abortion rights group already appeared to be girding for a legal challenge, calling the ban after 20 weeks "flatly unconstitutional" because it is based on the assertion that fetuses feel pain, not on the ability of a fetus to survive outside the womb. undeniable
"It absolutely cannot survive a challenge without a change to three decades of court rulings," said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. "Courts have been chipping away at abortion rights ... this would be like taking a huge hacksaw to the rights."
The law focusing on late-term abortions is designed to shut down one of the few doctors in the nation who performs them in Nebraska. tomorrow is another day
Set to take effect in October, it is based on the claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks. The current standard in abortion restrictions is viability, or when a fetus is able to survive outside the womb — generally at 22 to 24 weeks.The law could lead to changes in state laws across the country if upheld by the courts, said Mary Spaulding Balch, legislative director for National Right to Life.
"It would broaden the interests of states in protecting the unborn child," she said. "It says the state has an interest in the unborn child before viability."Heineman also signed the other bill, approved by lawmakers on Monday, that requires the screening for mental health problems and other risk factors indicating if women might have problems after having abortions.The fetal-pain bill is partially meant to shut down Dr. LeRoy
Carhart, who attracted attention after his friend and fellow late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was shot to death by an abortion foe in Kansas last year.Kansas, worried that he might move there, has passed new bills that are awaiting action from Gov. Mark Parkinson, an abortion-rights Democrat. They would require doctors to list an exact medical diagnosis justifying a late-term abortion and also adjusts the definition of viability so that a fetus would be considered viable if there's a "reasonable probability" it would survive outside the womb with life-sustaining


1.Be responsible for the design quality chi ceramic flat ironmanagement for the dedicated projects in the Jabil design center through the whole project lifecyclechi ceramic flat iron
initiate from Kick off phase ,including Specification Release ,Design commitment ,Design Release, until Production Approval . wedding gowns dresseswedding gowns dresses
2.Maintain the Product Creation Process of Jabil design center, deployed into functions including the Project Management ,Configuration custom made prom dressescustom made prom dresses
Management, Design Engineering ,Product Valiation,Supply Chain Management and Quality System.3.Be responsible for the external audit for ISO9001 conducted by the third party annually , including the design process management ,quality system maintenance, management review …
4.Project process quality control and milestone reviewing ,tracking and evaluating according to Jabil design milestone checklist.
5.Project risk assessment, identification and mitigation through the whole project progress.6.Design process continuous improving and optimizing.
7.Supplier related quality problem handling and continous improving according to the design requirement. a.Perform quality audit at the suupplier's site when required and issue resultant report b.lead correct /preventive action process for problem resolution and
continuous improvement with the supplier the suppliers product control to meet the design requirements and low cost 8.Design FMEA (Mechanical DFMEA,Schematic FMEA,Safety FMEA) facilitating and maintaining through the whole project progress.9.New production introduction from the design side to the mass production at the project end, including the project design data ,BOM,component data…
10.Create the project quality plan to control all the critical project indicators which will affect the project quality.11.Conduct the design review for the product Spec, schematic ,layout to control the product design quality.12.Customer satisfaction survey and improving
13.Working for the general business support for the design manager for consumer products .