Sunday, March 14, 2010

security flaws

With extensively use of GSM system, some of its security flaws are being revealed gradually: the authentication process is a single directional process, which may be attacked by middleman; the encryption is not an end-to-end but a point-to-point process, so short messages transmit in the fixed network in the form of plain text, which could be easily accessed; the A5 algorithm used for encryption in GSM has been cracked, so it can't provide enough security any more; lacking of data integrity checking, and so on. As a result of these increasingly serious security issues, services carried by short message service perform an increasing lacking of enough security, which results in limitation of short message application in some fields those relate to confidential information, such as information system of police department, short message bank service of bank system.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Beijing Shinjuker Polymer Materials Co. Ltd

1、Importing equiptments and Consumables, calculating cost. Help doing warehousing.2、Communicating with foreign suplyers both in business and technical fields,and doing translation.3、Orgnizating exhibitions and helping sales department cllecting clients4、Arranging Cheap Nike shoes and keeping records.Organizing company’s external activites.5、Assisting recruiting and induction training. Keeping the attendance, in charge of social security insurance and medical examination.6、Booking cheap men's nike shoes, restaurants and tickets. Buying and assigning stationery.

Beijing Shinjuker Polymer Materials Co. cheap womens nike shoes, one of the high -tech enterprises in Beijing, is a professional enterprise specializing in developing, producing and marketing all kinds of high performance polyurethane, polyurea, organic silicon and so on. The adhesive sealing materials, waterproofing material, anti-corrosion materials which are produced by our company are served for doors, windows and curtain walls and building waterproofing, industrial abrasion floor, bonding and sealing in the auto industry, industrial anti-corrosion, and other special demanding.
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China Mobile Broadcasting Satellite Ltd. BJ Rep.Office

▲ HR duties -HR planning including human capital budget, vacancy design and deployment  -Establishment of HR policy and staff management procedures- All-round recruitment procedures incl. finishing JD, collecting/screening CVs, interview arrangement, background check, offer letter issuance, enrollment, etc.  -HR development administration incl. cooperation with head counting companies and online recruitment agency -Annual staff appraisal and salary review  -Annual review of staff C&B programmes -Staff training arrangement and coordination -Arrange staff communication activities such as get-together dinner, birthday party etc -Coordination with cheap nike shoes▲ Office administration duties -Admin policy establishment and procedure execution -Setting up BJ office, coordinate with landlord, decoration company, Telecom, Internet and furniture supplier for office workstation layout -Organizes all aspects of new staff needs (computer, phone, business cards, supplies etc.) -Procurement of office equipment and stationeries and keeping track of maintenance of office furniture and equipments as well as cost control -Maintenance and administration of IT system. incl. IT room and staff laptop/desktop, procurement of software, monitoring and renewal. etc -Contact management dept. of office building to ensure that all amenities (such as electricity, HAVC, security, etc.) within the office is functioning properly, Request necessary maintenance and repair for office equipments, properties, and facilities. -Fill-in and update corporate asset list regularly -Coordinate and work out partially admin rules and try best to improve administration -Liaison with outsourcing taxation firm for tax issues -Other routine admin tasks such as acting as operator, message forward, distributing fax or cheap Wholesale nike shoes▲ Travel arrangement duties -Domestic and international travel arrangement and car rental incl. contact with travel agency to book hotel and air tickets -Support for issuing invitation letter for outbound and inbound visa purpose -Source and evaluate travel agent and hotel as backup source Buy cheap nike shoes ▲ Accounting duties -Manage and supervise petty cash for Rep. Office, control and monitor budget -Distribute monthly expense reimbursement -Review, monitor and repay office operation expenses
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Paul Wurth Metal Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

• Establish, implement, update and continuously improve administrative management system; pro-actively provide office management improvement suggestions to Lacoste Polo Shirts. • Plan and prioritize administrative schedule, Coach and develop team members to create a high performance team• Responsible for the administration and facility management for the office sites and other company properties• Source, evaluate and recommend travel agents, stationery vender, moving firms, hotel list for office to effect greater savings and cost control• Work with the office building management to ensure that the amenities (such as electricity, elevators, water supply, Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts, greenery etc.) within the office is functioning properly at all times Continuously organize good housekeeping in the office to ensure a professional image of the work place • Take charge of new office search and all Lacoste Shirts new office renovation management and complete furniture, plants and all other decoration and equipment arrangement • Evaluate Administrative Employees; reallocate Administrative Duties amongst staff to ensure efficient and prompt office administration • Coordinate the company activities, ensuring success • Manage company cars, such as dispatch, maintenance, etc. • Other Duties assigned by HR & Admin Director
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Fuzhou University

Assistant in the arrangement & organization of the tax seminar, seminar venue layout, budget cost planning, seminar material & slides preparation & logistic supporting; Filing management, The drafting & editing of financial report and account; Senior manager schedule cheap polo shirts and staff training supporting etc.

Assistant in the new products promotion, ralph lauren polo shirts & budget cost planning, making POP publicizing info & promotion gifts; Promotion & protection of the products brand image; Collect more info of rival products from other channel; Responsible for the reporting of data statistic & selling status of CPU\mainboard; Data collection; Weekly staff meeting arrangement and take meeting minutes etc. Responsible for the material purchasing and assistance of cheap ralph lauren polo shirts & selling plan; Searching customers, handling and following up the orders, arranging production, inspecting goods, translation, quotation, prepare info. to apply to customs, arrange loading and dealing the shipping document customer required after shipment. Attend Canton Fair twice each year.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Public Kisses Everywhere

The kiss of Prince awakens sleeping Beauty. So kissing should be regarded as a symbol of cheap polo shirts and holy love. This is my understanding of kiss. Nowadays, kiss is abused in public places: kisses in a crowded bus, kisses on the wooden chair of ralph lauren polo shirts, kisses in front of dormitory, etc. as a spectator, I think kissing in public places would pollute other’s eyesight. It’s not only immoral but against our culture and tradition.No one could deny its nobility to express affection to another person through a kiss so long as it is in a right place and at right time. But out of place and at wrong time, it will make many people feel disgusted and uncomfortable. Some people may claim that kissing is their own cheap ralph lauren polo shirts and they don’t force others to see them. This is nonsense just like a person who smokes in public claims that he doesn’t force others to smoke; also like a neighbor who turn his volume up on the stereo to make noises claims that he doesn’t force his neighbors to hear it. It’s true that our society is becoming open for our personality, but as a person in a civilized society, we should not do things without considering others’ feeling. It is a matter of social morality.