Monday, January 30, 2012

fluent in Japanese language and culture

I am warm, cheerful personality, hard work, hard working, conscientious, have patience. Good at communicating with people. Have strong organizational skills, event planning skills and self-discipline,. Students who served in the post of Deputy Minister of Arts, the school has received the "Outstanding Student Class Leader" title; has won two consecutive school, "third-class scholarship," Wedding Venuesa "second-class scholarship." By CET6, computer 2, qualification and statistics qualification certificates. 2010 joined the Chinese Communist Party, became a party member. Questionnaires have been engaged in social activities and Huzhou, China Unicom branch ---- Finance practice.I am cheerful, energetic, with a hard-working and team spirit, sincere, studious, passion and affinity for working in the university life of four years of study, I develop a good self-learning ability, and actively participate in various activities and exercises from their own, with a strong ability to adapt and strong organizational skills, their job seriously, proactive, optimistic personality persistent , dare to face the difficulties and challenges. Served in the school community in the post, organizational activities. Into the community to work, my experience has been enriched. This career guide I learned how to deal with uexpected problems, better at communication, increase knowledge in all aspects of a lot. More than a year in a teacher, my responsibility was to develop a deeper, more work and attention to detail. Because I know, the details determine success or failure.8 years of management experience in large-scale foreign-funded quality, 1 year of business experience. I get to make a solid knowledge and good work skills, forming a positive work attitude and good work habits.
Belief in life: Nothing is difficult, as long as willing to climb, life is finite, infinite struggle.
Years of hard study, for the factory management has some theoretical and practical experienceYears of product development, style, location, style design,How to Choose Wedding Flowers graphic design, process design, sample letters to guide the quality control of work experience, while familiar with the import and export documents garment business. Can well coordinate customer, foreign trade agency, freight forwarding and production plant. may travel frequently.I studied in Japan six years, fluent in Japanese language and culture, working in Tianjin after returning to the inter Hikaru Information found Hikaru Corporation, as a procurement trade.
• 3 years working experience in China and Japan so I am between the two countries have a deep understanding of corporate culture, good communication, good at business negotiations with the supplier, there is a certain supplier relationships.
• Beijing is now looking at opportunities for further development.