Monday, January 30, 2012

ensuring quality of the completion of the new work

Ability to work & attitude - serious work, effort, willing to accept new things. Timely and accurate completion of the tedious daily work; the challenge, ensuring quality of the completion of the new work; know how to establish good relations with colleagues and the importance of mutual cooperation.
Life: good at rational analysis to make judgments, and to fight for their goals and enjoy the process and results. Like yoga, badminton, volleyball and other sports activities, to understand the importance of teamwork.2 years of call center sales experience, so I learned to calmly deal with different customers and provide friendly service. 2 years of foreign customer service director and assistant to the president's work experience, let me get in the comprehensive ability greatly improved. I not only know a lot of foreign knowledge, able to communicate with overseas customers, receive orders, process orders, and can actively and effectively deal with other related matters, such as purchasing raw materials abroad, customs, transportation, and so on. In addition, I am self-discipline and strive for excellence, doing their own work, take time to learn new knowledge. Need for companies to participate, I am a self-learning AI, Coreldraw, Photoshop design exhibition posters, color pages. I am CET six, familiar with a variety of office software. I will need to work, constantly improve their ability to contribute to the company the largest capacity1.10 years of work experience: 500 years the office of Chief Assistant multinational executives and experiencedNew Ideas On Wedding Favors , can work independently; four-year college English instructor and the Sino-US cooperation project contractor experience, good cross-cultural communication.(2) continuous learning ability. Serving four years studying for a master's degree, can quickly take over.3 Shanghai University Teacher Certification. A sense of responsibility, service awareness and affinity, competent team.4 National Human Resource Management Division (Grade 2). Understanding of foreign human resources projects, especially high-level training and development.
5 proficient use of Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Lotus Notes and SAP. Proficiency in English, French general.
6 attention to detail, able to work under pressure.12 years of project management and LDS / plating / electroplating and surface treatment industry practical experience, a wealth of experience in production and technology management
 well-known foreign companies have 7 years work experience in industry, 5 years experience in production and technology management; 10 years of PCB / FPC and practical experience in the semiconductor industry, electroplating copper, gold plating, copper plating, chemical acid etching, chemical alkaline etching, surface oxidation treatment process, such process has a wealth of practical experience. Some Wonderful Wedding Favor Ideas have good communication skills; able to monitor the relevant suppliers with good cooperation; able to adapt to the exciting work intensity; able to lead the team to solve complex technical problems; quick thinking , the pursuit of rigorous and comprehensive.Professional skills and expertise
1,10 years project management and LDS / chemical plating and surface treatment industry production and technology management http://neurotalk.psychcentral.comexperience, PCB / FPC and surface treatment industry market have a deep knowledge and understanding; 2, timely grasp of the industry's most cutting-edge theoretical knowledge; 3 with modern business management theory of knowledge, a wealth of practical experience; 4, skilled office software operations;